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Franchisee Approval Process

When you apply to become a Jenny Craig franchisee, you’ll undergo a comprehensive approval process. This process will help both you and the Jenny Craig team decide whether both parties will be a good fit for each other as you move forward. We do our due diligence in this process, because when it comes to opening a wellness franchise, we need franchisees who share the same goals and values we do and who are fully invested in being a hands-on franchise owner.

Below are the typical stages of the approval process that you can expect to undergo when you apply to be a Jenny Craig franchisee.

Stage 1: Initial Qualification and Financial Review

In this stage, Jenny Craig representatives will spend time getting to know you and giving you more information about the company and what makes us stand apart from other wellness franchises. We’ll discuss the territory you’re interested in operating, as well as the requirements, financial and otherwise, of opening a Jenny Craig franchise. We’ll ask about your goals, vision, and why you want to invest in a Jenny Craig franchise center, and we’ll develop an approximate, potential timeline together to map out your journey, should both parties decide to move forward. We want to know who you are as a person, learn your values and what drives you, and make sure everything aligns with Jenny Craig values. What makes you want to invest in a health and wellness franchise? Why do you want to be your own boss? Why do you think you have what it takes to succeed in doing so? Consider this initial part of the journey like a glorified job interview for both parties.

Additionally, we’ll review your finances. There are set minimum fees and expenses related to your initial and ongoing Jenny Craig investment. We also require a minimum liquidity and net value. This is standard procedure in franchising and helps to provide us a better understanding of your potential to afford the investment and, if necessary, qualify for funding from a third party.

If you meet our minimum financial and business requirements and our initial meetings go well for all parties, we’ll send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document is a very important one for franchisees: the FDD contains vital information about Jenny Craig, and reviewing the information is a key step in your own personal evaluation process.

From here we’ll set up a time to talk again to review any questions you have. Your understanding and comfort with the terms this document presents is a mutual priority at this stage.

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Stage 2: Business and Operations Assessment

The next steps will allow you to get an even better idea of what it’s like to own and run a Jenny Craig franchised center. After learning about our business model, you’ll meet with some of our operations experts to get more details on the day-to-day life of owning a Jenny Craig franchise center. You’ll also get to talk to some current franchisees to get a fresh perspective from someone who has been in your shoes and get insight into the process. We want you to have a firm understanding of what it means to run a wellness franchise, and you’ll get first-hand advice from our team and people who have been there before.

We’ll conduct a formal business interview, and you will undergo a full background and financial review. If Jenny Craig approves you move to Stage 3, and you accept this invitation, you’ll commit to the onboarding and training programs we require, and we will move on to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Franchise Agreement

In Stage 3, you’ll finally be ready to get the ball rolling on opening your doors. In this stage, you’ll be presented with the Franchise Agreement and start the process of picking out a location for your Jenny Craig franchise center. You’ll sign all of the legal documents, pay the associated Franchise Fees, and move to Stage 4: Onboarding and Grand Opening.

Stage 4: Onboarding and Grand Opening

This is where the real fun begins! Why? For starters, by the end of Stage 4, you’ll be opening your doors for business!

Now, you begin your franchisee training, and our support team will start working with you to develop a launch plan with deadlines taking you through your Grand Opening. This list of tasks will include everything from furnishing your Jenny Craig franchise center, to developing a marketing plan, to making sure your surrounding community knows you exist. You’ll still have ongoing legal requirements and fees associated with being a Jenny Craig franchisee moving forward, but most of the initial stuff should be out of the way by this stage.

Interested in investing in a wellness franchise of your own? If you’re ready to take the first step and want to apply to be a Jenny Craig franchisee, reach out to us today to get the process started! 

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