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Start New or Buy Established? The Benefits of Franchising (Part 1)

The weight loss industry is booming1, and entrepreneurs are weighing their options for getting involved in this exciting field. Some investors get involved by starting their own independent businesses focused on fitness and weight loss. Starting a new business can be exciting – the independence and ownership these entrepreneurs feel is rewarding. However, starting any […]

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Are You a Jenny Craig Program Graduate? Consider Franchising with Us

Did going through the Jenny Craig program light a spark within you to want to help other people transform their lifestyle? Now that you’ve seen the power of Jenny Craig’s one-on-one support combined with premium, chef-crafted Jenny Craig food, do you feel passionate about educating others about the benefits of Jenny Craig? Have you always […]

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Franchising 101: Terms You Need to Know

Even if you have years (or decades!) of experience in a traditional business or corporate setting, franchise systems have their have their own set of terms and processes to learn. Keep reading to learn some of the most important terms you’ll need to know before investigating potential franchise opportunities. Franchise gives the following definition […]

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How Much Does a Jenny Craig Franchise Cost?

If you’re interested in opening your own business, being your own boss, or investing in a franchise, you’ve likely done your fair share of research — or are just beginning to do so. And if you’re investigating the health and wellness industry and found your way here, you’re probably wondering, “how much does a Jenny […]

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