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Are You a Jenny Craig Program Graduate? Consider Franchising with Us

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Did going through the Jenny Craig program light a spark within you to want to help other people transform their lifestyle?

Now that you’ve seen the power of Jenny Craig’s one-on-one support combined with premium, chef-crafted Jenny Craig food, do you feel passionate about educating others about the benefits of Jenny Craig?

Have you always wanted to run your own business but didn’t know where to start? Are you ready to take the first step in achieving your goals?

Opening a Jenny Craig franchise is a way to turn your positive experience with the Jenny Craig program into an exciting business opportunity. Even more importantly, you’ll be able to have a direct impact on the lives of new members coming to Jenny Craig for help when they need it most. Members just like you!

Keep reading to learn more about why your dream of doing what you love is closer than you think.

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You Know the Program – Now Spread the Love

As a Jenny Craig success story, you know how amazing the Jenny Craig program can be. You’ve seen the life-changing results first-hand, thanks to Jenny Craig’s science-backed program, personal one-on-one support, and delicious food that includes healthier versions of your favorite meals. It’s all about creating a new lifestyle of healthy eating for long-term success.

What makes Jenny Craig different from other diet franchises is the compassionate approach. The personal one-on-one support members get from their Jenny Craig consultants keeps them motivated and accountable. No other weight management franchise combines a dedicated consultant with a customized weight loss plan for real results.

When you decide to open a Jenny Craig weight management franchise you will have the unique opportunity to transform the lives of members just like you. What could be better?

Be the Success Story That Motivates New Members

Whether you first joined Jenny Craig to lose those few extra pounds to make it easier to run around with the kids or you wanted to change your relationship with food – whatever your reason for taking the first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle – your story can become the catalyst to inspire and motivate other men and women just like you. You know where they’re coming from…and how far they can go!

Having that deep understanding of a member’s mindset can help foster a sense of trust and connection in your community. You can be a beacon of hope for a whole new generation of Jenny Craig members, inspiring them to finally lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.

From Jenny Craig Success Story to Business Owner

Running a retail business takes commitment, a trait you’re already intimately familiar with. Don’t forget: It took serious commitment to make the decision to change your ways and transform your lifestyle with Jenny Craig! But, as you also know, you can’t do it without a strong support system – which is why Jenny Craig offers its franchisees a comprehensive training program.

Between site visits, self-guided training, and instructor-led classes, you’ll be armed with the information and confidence to open your doors and run your business. Even with limited formal knowledge on weight loss, you can turn your passion for health and love for the Jenny Craig program into a business

At the end of the day, Jenny Craig isn’t a diet food franchise. It’s an opportunity to empower others. With your personal weight loss journey and unique understanding of the challenges that our members face very day, a Jenny Craig franchise might be the perfect opportunity to take control of your future and be in the business of doing what you love.

Contact us today to learn more about the Jenny Craig franchise process and start your application.