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Start New or Buy Established? The Benefits of Franchising (Part 1)

The weight loss industry is booming1, and entrepreneurs are weighing their options for getting involved in this exciting field. Some investors get involved by starting their own independent businesses focused on fitness and weight loss. Starting a new business can be exciting – the independence and ownership these entrepreneurs feel is rewarding. However, starting any new business is fraught with uncertainties. When you opt to break into the weight loss industry by opening your own Jenny Craig franchise brand weight loss center, you’ll enjoy support and expertise that can only be developed after spending years in the industry. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the potential benefits of franchising as the way to go about entering the weight loss arena.

Valuable Brand Recognition

One of the strongest reasons to buy a franchise as opposed to starting a new business from scratch is the value of brand recognition. It can take independent business owners years to develop a strong reputation within their community.

When you opt to open a Jenny Craig franchise, hard work is still required, but you’ll be able to take advantage of the strong reputation Jenny Craig has built up over more than 30 years in the industry. Jenny Craig has helped countless members lose weight by following the scientifically-proven Jenny Craig program that includes a personal consultant for one-on-one support and delicious food, which consequently has developed a strong reputation and credibility within the weight loss industry.

Potential new members can feel confident knowing they can trust the Jenny Craig program because of Jenny Craig’s strong reputation for helping members achieve weight-loss success. The Jenny Craig program is designed by registered dietitians, and Jenny Craig’s own Science Advisory Board provides important guidance to stay on top of advances in new research. The Jenny Craig program has been the subject of numerous independent studies, including one study by John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine2 in 2015 that identified Jenny Craig as one of the most effective weight-loss programs on the market.

What does all of this mean for Jenny Craig franchisees? In short, you’ll be able to rely on the strength of our brand name along with your own hard work to help you establish a strong reputation. Jenny Craig has spent 30 years doing just that! The recognition the Jenny Craig franchise brand has garnered over time among our members means you can rely on valuable brand recognition when it comes to establishing yourself in your community. Why spend immeasurable time and money developing a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable weight loss expert when you can join the Jenny Craig family and enjoy the valuable name recognition that has already been established?

Expertise in the Industry

A major challenge for independent business owners is finding the time to stay abreast of new developments in their fields. In addition to running their businesses, these entrepreneurs need to spend time and money locating and reviewing research in order to guide their business decisions related to the products or services they provide. For many business owners, this cost is prohibitive and research on important industry trends takes a back seat to running their business. When it comes to keeping your business viable, relegating research to a low priority can come at great cost.

When you make the decision to open a Jenny Craig franchise brand weight-loss center, one of the most important resources you’ll enjoy is Jenny Craig’s dedication to scientific research and development. The members of the Jenny Craig Science Advisory Board are experts in their respective areas in the medical field, and they stay on top of groundbreaking new research in the weight loss field. Relying on these experts helps Jenny Craig to position its programs to remain on the cutting edge and provide Jenny Craig members with the best possible experience. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to spend less time researching weight loss advancements and spend more time running your business and helping your members to reach their weight-loss goals.

As you can see, the potential time and resources you may be able to save when it comes to establishing brand recognition and maintaining expertise in the industry are vast. Independent business owners need to tackle these two considerations alone, but when you franchise with Jenny Craig you’ll enjoy the support of our well-established team. Read on in Part 2 to learn more about the ways franchising with Jenny Craig can have distinct advantages over starting a business from scratch.


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