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The Obesity Epidemic, and How You Can Make a Difference

Obesity, a rising epidemic since 1999, is one of the biggest health issues facing Americans today. According to the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s not going away any time soon – at least not on its own.

Not only is the health of our communities at risk, but the costs associated with obesity-related illnesses will be “astronomical,” as Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, chair of the department of nutrition and food studies at New York University describes it.

Obesity is a crisis that touches us all, and unfortunately, we’re right in the middle of it. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help your community and provide people with a path to healthier living. Owning a diet franchise is powerful way to use your passion for wellness for good.

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The Obesity Epidemic – By The Numbers

First, it’s important to understand and define obesity. A person is classified as obese if he or she has a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. BMI is the ratio between a person’s weight and height and is a good indicator of the amount of body fat a person has.

A person who is overweight – or over the “normal” weight range for his or her height – might still be healthy and agile. Obesity, however, is a chronic condition directly related to poor overall health and has been proven to lead to serious medical conditions.

Did you know:

  • More than one-third (39.8%) of U.S. adults suffer from obesity, and the prevalence of obesity [is] highest among adults aged 40–59 in both men and women. — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • 80% of American adults do not meet the government’s national physical activity recommendations for aerobic activity and muscle strengthening. — State of Obesity
  • A child with one obese parent has a 50% chance of being obese. When both parents are obese, their children have an 80% chance of obesity. — UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
  • Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. — CDC

Causes of Obesity in the U.S.

According to public health experts, “an unhealthy diet and the lack of exercise are still the two biggest culprits” when it comes to the obesity epidemic. Although genetics undoubtedly plays a role, changes to diet and a physical fitness regimen can both dramatically improve BMI.

What kind of diet changes have the greatest impact?

Rather than simply cutting calories, choosing a wide variety of high-volume, low-calorie foods over simple carbohydrates is key. The more you try to restrict your diet, the harder it is to stick to your goals and see the kinds of results that can improve your total-body health for the long-term. By changing your food behavior, practicing portion control, and bringing nutrition into your diet (think: choosing delicious lean proteins and filling whole grains over fast food), you’ll find you can still eat what you love.

Of course, dieting alone is not enough. For people who are overweight or on the obesity scale, the best treatment plan is one that includes both healthy foods and consistent physical activity.

How You Can Help

When you work in the wellness industry and see firsthand the serious damage that obesity can do, it’s only natural to want to educate and support those members of the population who are suffering from this chronic condition.

Owning your own Jenny Craig franchise allows you to be in the business of changing lives. Unlike any other diet franchise, Jenny Craig offers a scientific based weight-loss program that helps Jenny Craig members lose weight and learn how to keep it off. What could be better than seeing life-changing transformations and knowing you played a role in making it happen?

If you love motivating people to live their best, healthiest lives, becoming a Jenny Craig franchisee might be the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for – even if you’ve never had the opportunity to run your own business before.

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