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Demand for Service

​There’s never been a bigger weight problem in our society than there is today. What isn’t needed is another diet franchise that doesn’t offer personal support. We are facing an obesity epidemic, especially in America, and something needs to be done about it.

In short: the obesity problem is real, it’s getting worse, but it presents a business opportunity. And as you’ll see below, people are looking and willing to pay for a service that will help them shed the extra pounds.

At Jenny Craig, we believe that successful weight loss is possible with the right kind of support, a proven approach to weight loss, and a lifestyle change. Plus, our franchisees take a personal approach to helping our members lose weight. Many of our franchisees have even been through the Jenny Craig program themselves before, and are therefore better able to empathize and provide the support structure needed to not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, but also reach it.

Here’s a closer look at the weight-loss industry, why our products and services are in high demand, and why investing in a Jenny Craig franchise presents a special opportunity.

Products and Services in High Demand

Diet franchises and the diet industry in the United States are booming1. Globally, weight loss is a $66 billion-per-year industry, according to a 2017 release from market research leaders Marketdata Enterprises, Inc , and as of 2010, America alone accounted for over 70%2 of that figure, per a CNBC report. Americans want to shed their excess weight, and are dedicated to finding the right weight-loss program for themselves.

Jenny Craig stands out among the many other weight-loss brands. The core of our program is teaching our members to eat a balanced diet, as opposed to a “fad” diet. Our advertising is designed to inspire and encourage people to lose weight in a healthy way. We are dedicated to being a positive force in the weight-loss industry, and the success of our members speaks for itself.


A Track Record of Success for Jenny Craig Members

One of the benefits of opening a Jenny Craig weight-loss center is the name recognition. We have spent decades developing a positive reputation because of the success of Jenny Craig members as they’ve lost weight on the Jenny Craig program. That success has been chronicled by major news outlets and medical journals alike.

Working with a consultant, Jenny Craig members will develop a customized plan that works just right for them. This emphasis on personalization is one of the factors that sets Jenny Craig apart from the competition. And the results show that it’s working: the Jenny Craig program has been recognized by numerous experts as a highly-effective weight-loss program. The emphasis on eating right and moving more with a special focus on empathy and compassion for members is another part of the Jenny Craig weight-loss formula. We work with nutrition experts such as our science advisory board and a team of nutritionists to offer the best possible meal options to our members.

An Opportunity for You

When you combine the demand for high-quality weight-loss services with our well-established program, you’re left with a business opportunity that industry data suggests is going to continue trending upward. Americans across the country want to lose weight, and are willing to pay for the help of experts to meet their weight loss goals. Our brand recognition, developed over decades because of our time-tested and effective program, can be an asset to anyone looking to break into the weight-loss industry. If you’re thinking of getting involved in the industry, join forces with Jenny Craig and our team of experts to start your weight-loss business.

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*All data from external sources has been clearly cited and hyperlinked to in the text above. The following is a list of those sources:

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