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So you’ve applied and gone through the process of becoming a Jenny Craig franchisee, been approved, and your launch date is on the horizon. As we’ve termed it elsewhere on this site, you're in Stage 4 of the process. Congratulations are in order for reaching this point, but before your dreams of owning a health and wellness franchise of your own are fulfilled, there’s a few things that need to happen.

Here is a high-level look at the next steps in this process, highlighting a few of the biggest things on the checklist before you open the doors to your own Jenny Craig franchise center.

Finding Just the Right Location

Finding just the right spot in your community to open your Jenny Craig weight-loss center is key. Your weight loss center is the heart of your business, so keep these things in mind as you’re scouting for locations: it has to be in the right part of town (so that it is convenient and visible to your prospective members), with just the right vibe (a comfortable place for your members to spend time in). Not only do you need to find a great location, you’ll need to furnish it and get the space ready for business. Our experts can guide you in the process of furnishing and decorating your weight-loss center so that it’s picture perfect for your grand opening.

And while we approve locations because we want your franchise centers to be located in a convenient area and a nice neighborhood, our approval does not guarantee the success of your franchise center. It’s incumbent upon franchisees to research and find their center’s location, but our approval does not guarantee a specific number of clients, sales, or other performance.

Initial and Ongoing Training

First, you will take part in our intensive training programs At Jenny Craig, we require our franchisees and their key staff to undergo pre-work (in which they visit a Jenny Craig weight-loss center and complete a number of remote training sessions), instructor-led trainings (in which franchisees travel to our location and undergo an in-person training with a live instructor), and certification (in which they demonstrate what they’ve learned and become certified to run their Jenny Craig weight loss center). You will also participate in post-training at our discretion that will educate you on special topics such as working with members with diabetes, alternative health channels, maintaining weight loss, and more. We also offer ongoing training as deemed necessary by Jenny Craig.

We want you to be as prepared as possible to open a health and wellness franchise, and by the time this step is through, you’ll be highly trained in the Jenny Craig process.

Finding a Qualified Staff

Top-notch weight-loss consultants are crucial to the growth of your weight-loss center. Your employees will represent you and your center to the community, and have the power to elevate your business. Finding employees who are empathetic, compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable will be a priority for you as you prepare for your grand opening. One of the reasons we put our franchisees and their key staff through such an extensive training program is that they need to learn the ins and outs of the Jenny Craig program well enough to train their own employees. You’ll be responsible for training your staff in all of our policies and procedures, so carefully selecting a staff that will work together effectively is crucial*.

Grand Opening

At Jenny Craig, grand openings are major events to be celebrated. You’ll prepare for your grand opening by working to market your new location and spread the word in your community. Marketing and generating a strong buzz is key, and we’ll work together to create a campaign that is designed to make the maximum impact in your community. Typical grand opening events might include samplings of Jenny Craig foods, meet and greets with weight-loss consultants, and guest speakers who can testify to the efficacy of the Jenny Craig weight-loss program. This is a great opportunity for you to open your doors to the community and let them know all about what your center can do for them.

Opening a health and wellness franchise is not only a life-changing move for you, but also for your community. If you’re ready to take your first steps towards achieving that goal, contact us today to speak with a representative. 

*Employees that work for franchisees in franchised Jenny Craig weight loss centers are employees of the franchisee and not of Jenny Craig. This also means that franchisees are solely responsible for the hiring, firing, training, and retention processes. As the employer for your own Jenny Craig franchise, these are important things to keep in mind when selecting your staff members. 

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