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Training and Support

One of the best parts of investing in our business is our Jenny Craig franchise training. When you purchase a Jenny Craig franchise, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive training and support program. The trainings we provide to our franchisees are designed to address everything you’ll need to know before you open your doors and as you continue to grow your business.

Below you’ll find information on some of our most significant Jenny Craig franchise training programs.


Before you attend any instructor-led training, you’ll complete some pre-work that will lay a strong foundation and prep you for training. This pre-work is twofold. First, you’ll take part in a four- to five-hour visit to a Jenny Craig franchise center. By spending time in an open and operating franchise, you’ll get a good feel for what your future weight-loss center might look like, and what will be expected of you as the franchise owner.

After your franchise visit, you’ll take part in pre-work training programs. These programs take an estimated 45 hours to complete. The pre-work trainings are offered across a variety of mediums, including phone calls, online modules, workbooks, and more. Completing this pre-work will help prepare you for attending your instructor-led trainings.

Instructor-Led training

After you’ve completed your pre-work, you’re ready to move on to instructor-led training, likely held at our offices in Carlsbad, California or other locations designated by Jenny Craig. New franchisees and their highly-trained personnel (staff member(s) you will entrust with high levels of responsibility) will complete five days of interactive, instructor-led soft skill (role play) and technical classroom training in the areas of sales, marketing, menu planning, and business systems. These soft-skill and technical trainings are designed to make you and your staff experts in everything you’ll need to know when it comes to marketing and running your weight-loss center. You’ll attend this training at least six weeks before your center opens its doors, so you’ll have plenty of time to implement everything you’ve learned.


Within 15-30 days of satisfactory completion of the instructor-led training, you and any of your highly-trained personnel who attended will demonstrate that you can execute and facilitate a quality lead call, sales presentation, and a variety of consultations. After you’ve successfully demonstrated these skills, you’ll be certified to run your weight-loss center!


After you’ve been certified, you’ll also participate in a variety of trainings designed to help continue your education on running a weight-loss center. These trainings will be offered via mediums such as live and recorded online training modules, learning guides and workbooks, etc. Subjects to be covered include but are not limited to Type 2 Diabetes, Healthcare Alternative Channels, maintenance, maintenance consultations, reports, SONIC, and best practices.

Ongoing Training

At Jenny Craig, we continue to support our franchisees in a variety of ways once their initial training is complete. For instance, we sometimes provide an on-site representative to assist our franchisees in preparing their store for their grand opening. We’re also prepared to help our franchisees continue their education by providing additional training as deemed necessary and appropriate by Jenny Craig, as outlined in the Franchise Agreement.

Our comprehensive training program is designed to help our franchisees be experts in weight loss by the time they open their doors. Weight loss is a complex subject, but by the time our franchisees have completed our trainings, they will be ready to help prepare a customized plan for any client who walks through their doors, as well as be equipped to manage their day-to-day business.

For more information on our Jenny Craig franchise training, contact us today to speak with a representative!

*While initial franchisee training itself is paid for through the Franchise Fee, Jenny Craig franchisees are responsible for the costs of attending this training. These costs include but are not limited to travel, lodge, and meals. Additionally, there may be further fees associated with extended training that is requested but not designated or deemed necessary by Jenny Craig, and franchisees will be financially responsible for covering those costs. For more information, please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document. 

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